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Glass Art / Ancient Glass Technology

Welcome to the web site of  Rosemarie Lierke

R.Lierke, ‘Maigelein’,  Craquelé Glass , 1985

topic 2016:

Cage Cups

On the Manufacture of Cage Cups in “Whitehouse 2015”         R.Lierke-academia.edu  (with 5 ill. examples of manuf. marks)

A collection of cage cup manufacturing marks

see also:

On the Manufacture of Diatreta and Cage Cups - from the Pharos Beaker to the Lycurgus Cup,                            in Ch. Entwistle/Liz James, New Light on Old Glass, British Museum Research Publication no. 179, London 2015, 89-102.                  see also at R.Lierke-academia.edu

Zur Herstellung der antiken Kameogläser
Restaurierung und Archäologie 4, 2001, 75-105;                                         English summary:The manufacture of ancient cameo glasses                             also at R.Lierke-academia.edu                                                                                                

1.The cameo glasses were not blown
2. they were
no overlay glass
3. they were
not cut

 see also Sir Popper and the Portland Vase


Hot forming of Cameo glass

  An introduction to early glassworking techniques and their logical chronological development (German and English) 

Die nicht-geblasenen antiken Glasgefäße -
ihre Herstellung von den Anfängen bis zu den Luxusgläsern der Römer

The non-blown ancient glass vessels - 
their manufacturing from the beginning to the luxury glasses of the Romans

The book may be ordered from the Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft e. V.:
Siemensstraße 45, 63071 Offenbach/Main;
dgg@hvg-dgg.de, Telefon:+49(0)69-97 58 61-0; Fax:+49(0)69-97 58 61-99
Euro 29,50, for students Euro 25,00

An illustrated extract (mainly German): pk-2009-4w-sg-lierke-glasgeschichte-2009.pdf

The Hedwig beakers -
the Norman-Sicilian heirlooms of the Staufen emperors (in German)

The book contains a contribution by Rudolf Distelberger. The preface wrote Robert Koch.
112 pp., 42 figs., 2 plates, ISBN 3-938646-04-7, F. Rutzen Verlag, Mainz/Ruhpolding,
Fax 08663/ 883389, Euro 28,-
For an English Summary and some additional information see
Hedwig beakers.

In a contribution at the AIHV congress in Antwerp some additional arguments
in favor of the Sicilian provenience of the beakers were published, see

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